Favorites from Charmaine Olivia

I fell in love with a painting of a deer in gym socks on tumblr a long while back. Then there were some badass female silhouettes floating around, and they were uh-mazing. It turns out Charmaine Olivia is the brilliant artist behind all of it -- and a whole lot more. Her work is youthful, strong and sexy, with a little edge. I've thrown together a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure:
naiya | obsidian
rose study 2

sculpting grace | headaches
deer in gym socks
I'm sure I'm late to the party on these -- kind of like when it took me years to realize that Led Zeppelin was behind Fool In the Rain and Over the Hills and Far Away, and all their other songs I always loved but never realized were Zep. Embarassing to say, that happened - when I was twenty.

If you dig the images above you should visit her gallery and do some oogling of your own.
I hope you're having an inspired Friday!