Ski Season Day 2 [Catamount]

I've posted snowy .gifs before, and I'll probably post them again. I can't help it. There's nothing like waking up in a winter wonderland. I love how snowfall puts the whole world to sleep. I'm not even upset today's storm kept me from trekking back up to Windham for another day on the mountain. I love to ski, don't get me wrong -- but flat light & white out conditions spell a possible uninsured nightmare. Prudence is a bitch.

So instead of skiing, I'm here at my desk by the fire escape listening to an assortment of classic rock (check out the mix in my sidebar) while my riding associate Baby Sean plays Call of Duty. In honor of his presence, I'm finally posting pictures from a trip in early January. He was there, and so was our buddy Tommy.

It went a little something like this:
Winter's flown by with ferocity, and tomorrow's projected to hit nearly 50 degrees. But for the next few hours I'll relish what could likely be the last big snow of the season. Days like today strengthen the hope I'll hit my goal of 10 days out this season. Fingers crossed.