Custom Vintage Inspired Party Invitations

Aren't these birthday invitations the cutest? Yes, I'm completely biased 'cause I designed them -- anddd the little boy is my uncle, many moons ago. But I really love how they turned out. Can you believe the pictures were taken in the late 40's!? I had the best time pulling them together for my aunt.

I used MOO postcards for the printing. I loved the quality, full bleed, heavy stock, glossiness (but worth noting: only one side of the postcards have a shiny coating). They also sell brown paper envelopes, which went with the invitations perfectly. They're good. Recommended.

I'm not exactly sure where this past week went -- The surprise party was last Saturday, which is where I started what would equal 17 hours of standing. On my feet. Seriously, like, worse than a waitressing double shift, because after the party was a night of bartending. But no real complaints :) The party and the bar crowd were wonderful -- and I managed to get a few hours sleep before my best friend came over with her fiance for their save the date/holiday card photos early the next morning. After that was a baby shower -- I showed up to nearly empty handed (save one Lithuanian baltic amber teething necklace). I was absolutely mortified. Long story short -- never ever forget you can't shop in New Jersey on Sundays. I'm a silly New Yorker and I forget such things.

So I used the rest of the week to recover from all that, celebrate Mom's birthday, Christmas shop, and a whole buncha other stuff. The holidays are upon us, and my buddy Sean's here for his birthday weekend. It's time for me to get back to the boys -- I hope you're having a great weekend so far and stockpiling energy for the next 10 days of holiday crazy.

XO: Peace, love, and prayers to Newtown.
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