The View From My Kitchen Window

Just threw together these snowy little .gifs from a few snaps out the window. The snow's really coming down, and I'm praying for as much as mother nature's willing to dump! I've got to get skiing soon. It's been over a year, and last season was abysmally snowless. I only got out to ride once, hmph. Fingers crossed for inches in the mountains!

" is a special gift of the relationship between earth and sky. It only comes in sufficient amounts in particular places, at certain times on this earth; it lasts only a limited amount of time before sun and wind changes it. People devote their whole lives to it for the pleasure of being so purely played by gravity and snow." - Dolores LaChapelle


In other news -- I've finally managed to make some progress with my blog layout -- after holding off forever because blogger was being a little shit. I reset the template and essentially started all over again. But with the new tablet E gave me for Christmas, it's been more fun than ever to mess around. I plan to be back on the ball with everything very very soon!
I've crossed my line in the sand. A year's up.
2013's going to be special. It has to be.

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