Camping + DMB

I'm the luckiest girl! Earlier this week I was given a ticket for tonight's Dave Matthews Band show, which I'll be attending with my two of my "cousins" (via-our-dads-were-friends-in-college. Am I the only one with these? 'Cause I have about 20!This will be something like the eighth time I've seen DMB, but it'll be Courtney's 77th show. That's seventyseven, guys. Mindblowing.

Anyways, going to the show tonight got me thinking about how I never shared any pictures from when a huge group of us (mostly) Iona kids camped up near Albany for Dave Matthews at SPAC in June. It was a fabulous time with some of the funnest people -- and here's the proof:

I know there aren't any pictures from the show, but I didn't want to bring the DSLR inside! I hope you're all gearing up to have a wonderful weekend - Can you believe tomorrow's December?! Time keeps flying by.

Anyone else have anything cool going on tonight? I'd love to hear about it!