Two Brides Are Better Than One

That's Michelle on the left and Caitlin on the right. Michelle is my sorority sister (my big big, for those familiar), and Cait is her fantastic fiance. They are one of the most well matched, happy couples I know - and so much fun to be around. We took these last fall after Mich's surprise-Cait-with-a-trip-to-Sedona-and-an-engagement-ring getaway (too good). Their wedding is in 40 days, and I can't freekin' wait. If yesterday's classy & intimate bridal shower was any indicator of the nuptials to come, their wedding will go down in the books.

In honor of my excitement - check out these happy ladies:

Nothing could have been more fitting than catching a glimpse of the amazeballs billboard (below) from Manhattan Mini Storage, "If you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married." It's just that simple. I support gay rights - & equality for anyone marginalized by backwards minds, really. So while any declaration of commitment between these two would stand in my books, I'm glad New York agrees. Countdown on girls!

ELLE GEE PHOTOGRAPHY was just old branding! I just haven't had a chance to swap out the watermarks. Lazy, lazy, lazy.