Hey! Happy Tuesday. I'm in the afternoon throes of reorganizing the spice cabinet and the closet, and maybe another closet. Eh, probably just the one. But I've been working so hard on a new project this week that I've been big time absent over here. Sooo, I thought I'd share one of my "happy" songs with you on this crisp, clear, blue bird fall day.

That's My Morning Jacket. I love them, and saw them live for the first time at Bonnaroo in 2008. In the rain. With rad 3d-esque fireworks glasses. On... something or other. While Zach Galifianakis pranced around the stage in Orphan Annie's dress. I shit you not - it was magic.

Last week I bought tickets to see them for the second time at a newly restored theater 15 minutes away from here. It was originally opened in 1926. Then Janis, Clapton, and the Grateful Dead played there in the 70's. So much history. Oh! Aaand I'm going my two very best guyfriends in the world (who were with me at 'roo08), and E. So yea, that's happening. The show's 3 months away, but I'm clearly stoked.


The project of late has me staring at tumblr dashboard more than usual. It seems a good thing, however, 'cause when I landed on my personal page a few minutes ago, the collection made me smile. Why not head over and take a peek yourself?!

I'll be back with a sneak peak into my organization later or tomorrow. Dart league starts back up next week, and tonight we're meeting up with the team for some practice and beers at our home bar. I hope I can find the darts E got me before the first league night. I hate that they've gone missing...

See why I need all the organizing?
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