Oh Happy Day. A Hoop!

I am so excited. So  b e y o n d  excited. Impassioned even. When E came home from Cape May yesterday he brought the best souvenir back for me. A HOOP! I've been all talk for months - "I'd really love to be able to do that," "Maybe I'll get a hoop before the Dave Matthews concert," "Check out this awesome hooping video!" Blah blah blah.

Oh, and did I mention it's the first thing on my 28 list?

Anyway, money's been a little tight, and frankly I was intimidated about buying one (online or otherwise) for some reason.. So it just never happened. I mean, I figured it would eventually happen, but I had not made it a priority in the least. Well thank goodness for E, because he kicked my procrastination's ass. And let me tell you, I'm already in love.

Some of my newest inspiration:
>> 1. mario covic photography >> 2. sam carpio >> 3. rachel halsey photography >> 4. kirsten tucker
>> 5. hanakekua kekaulike >> 6.  erika burg photography >> 7. enchanted mama

I should probably mention that up until yesterday, I'd never been able to keep a hula hoop from dropping to the ground within seconds of spinning it around my waist. Now I can keep it up for minutes at a time. Watch out - I'm obsessed. 

I spent 20 minutes outside with my hoop, my ipod and the waning moon tonight. I sweat to death (85% humidity), and can already feel myself getting better little by little. I'm going to put a little time aside every night to get outside and hoop away the day's stresses. Oh and my hooping spot is beautifully backlit by a streetlight. It's heavenly and helpful. I'm so thankful for this perfect unexpected gift. Eventually, I'll post a video of myself gettin' down - but it's probably going to be a while! 

Have you done any hooping? Or taken any classes? Thoughts? Suggestions?
I'm so stoked on this right now.

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