I hope everyone's having a great week so far. I've spent a lot of time regenerating from last week's party shock to my system. And redesigning my layout - I'm kinda super in love with it now. Design means hours on the computer. This leads to an assortment of links accumulating until I decide to do something with them. Well, here I take action:

  • While containing both a quote from Kerouac, and concerning thoughts of moments on the road - I took particular note of the games we play when my dear friend Chris claimed to play the first "semi-conscious fleeting game" mentioned immediately in the video, when he was a kid.
  • Sara turned me onto these perfectsexyromantic engagement photos that I'm completely obsessed with.
  • I oohed and ahhed over this beautiful sacred space created by another Sara.  So simple, so cozy.
  • Kat's post on living alone really hit home for me. While I live with my boyfriend, being home during the days all alone for the past 9 months has lead to many a weird sleep/eat/hygiene cycle. 
  • I have yet to post about my own adventures in solo-road-tripping, but for the gist of why I think they're the best kind of trip ever, read Jen's 10 Reasons to Take a Solo Road Trip.
  • I'm 6 years shy of 33, but I can't help but love each of these 33 lessons learned.
  • Feeling inspired by Kelly Ann's realness, truth, & positivity.
  • I haven't tried this yet - but I'm excited to learn how to make a 4-string braid.

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