I'm overwhelmed with all the things that need to get done this week! I absolutely hate coming home from a trip to a messy house (always one of my mom's biggest gripes, and of course at 27, I'm starting to turn into her). So in addition to the etsy updating and sidebar redesigning I'd like to do - all the laundry, all the dishes, and well, just about every room needs a good decluttering. 

In an effort to get my ass off the computer for a couple hours, I leave you with some links for awesome stuff and the promise of (a quite near and dear to my heart) tunesday music post when I'm done with the kitchen portion of my pre-vacation overhaul.

Here're the goods:
  • I love vintage camper renovations so freekin' much [12] . I plan to be in the midst of my own reno of a seventies model 20' Argosy by the time that I turn 30. The clock is ticking.
  • Mandi's blogging wisdom is spectacular (and don't even get me started on her beautiful layout). More often than not, I need to "stop planning and start doing," myself - I'm an all star procrastinator.
  • I'm a sucker for relaxing nature sounds. Add the option for meditation guidance? I'm sold.
  • Sometimes we just need an empowering inspirational reminder about what it means to be truly sexy
  • Did you know that many countries have national vacation laws - granting their citizens paid time away from their jobs every year  - when here in the US we have none? Paid annual leave policies aren't something that had ever crossed my mind before.
  • Honestly, I haven't paid much attention to the whole Chik-Fil-A debacle. Mostly because when homegrown injusticey things happen I lose more faith in the intelligence of America, and that makes me sad. With that said, I wholeheartedly support the LGBT community.
  • Lastly, I am both fascinated and dumbfounded by the photo history of platonic male affection

Ok, break!

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