Hiking to the Top of Cook Mountain

As I've mentioned at least a few times in the past - I've spent a ton of time in, on, and around Lake George over the course of my life. However, up until my most recent trip (last week), I'd never gone out of my way to hike in the area. Truth be told, I didn't do much hiking at all up until about 2 years ago. Crazy sad, I know.

Anyway, I researched a ton of Adirondack hikes near where we stay, and given my 28 before 28 goal of hiking a summit, I decided we should try the approximately 2 mile hike to the top of Cook Mountain (the way very northernmost point of the lake where it almost meets Champlain, and near the old fort in Ticonderoga)

It was insanely exhausting (averaging a 17% grade), yet relatively quick and beautiful. This hike did not disappoint.

and we're off...

adorable little 'shroomies that made me think of kaylah
yes, it was a short hike -- but goddamn, was it steep!

up and up + some more bright red fungi
made it! check out that view.

funnily enough, you have to pass the summit and descend a little to get to this southbound view of Lake George

e would be totally happy stacking rocks all day long

just a little proof that we were there together

my man is a cairn master. only the second from the left was present upon our arrival.

this is my weird face as e checks the exposure
summit cairn and summit toad friend

another thing crossed off the 28 list! don't mind the cheerleading high-v pose, i was just messing with e - he coaches.
I'm so glad to have completed another goal on my list! I'm just starting to realize how fast the days are passing and somehow it's left me with only 10 months to finish off everything I've got lined up. I do work best under pressure, though.

Speaking of being under pressure and having things lined up - I got a bartending gig! We just so happened to be out on Saturday night, hanging out a bar I'd tended under previous management, when my friend, and current bartender mentioned that his coworker was heading back to college. This is the best time of year to look for a food service job, hands down. I left my number and a few-too-many-drinks-inappropriate note about my long blonde hair to boob ratio on a yellow post-it and got the call yesterday that I should show up on Saturday night (and hopefully every Saturday thereafter). Things are looking up ya'll!