Notes from the Universe

Back when I first started working at The Annex, it was my job to watch classes on video, take notes, then break them down into reasonable "chapters" for viewers' ease. The topics of the videos ranged from erotic photography, to how to start a t-shirt business, to appearances by f-list celebrities.. Honestly, the list just goes on and on - you wouldn't even believe.

Most of my favorites though, were the self help and personal improvement classes. Watching a life-coaching segment with JudyMay Murphy, she mentioned Mike Dooley's inspiring, funny, and poignant "Notes from the Universe" emails, so I signed up to check them out.

Two years and countless email subscription cleanups later, and I still receive a Note from the Universe every morning (along with 400,000 other subscribers). The notes are fantastic reminders of your personal beauty, power, and place in the world - and who doesn't need more of that?

You should totally subscribe.

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