DIY Hanging Baseball Cap Storage

Ok, E's got a little bit of a hoard of hats (and shoes... and black t-shirts...) I hate the visual clutter of seeing them all over the coat rack, and had to figure out a better way to get them out of sight while keeping them accessible for an ever-outfit-changing man. Here's the super easy solution I came up with: 

  • a rod of some sort (I used a shitty old broken blind from our bedroom)
  • hinged craft rings (left over from some craft or another)
  • curtain clips (extras from hanging the shower curtain)
  • somewhere to hang the rod (I just happened to have the perfect space under the table for it to slide right in, but you can use hardware, or rope from hooks on a closet ceiling, whatever works)
Hang your curtain clips from your craft rings and slide them onto whatever pole-type object you're hanging them from. Install the pole, hang the hats from the clips, and there they are -- all lined up in a row! So easy, so cheap, and so out of my face.

Is anyone else out there constantly trying to reorganize their place for little to no money?