Good morning! I'm aiming to get this out and immediately eat some breakfast as I've been failing to fuel myself until the very late afternoon lately. It's moronic, but without a regimented work schedule, I have a hard time remembering to get up off the chair and nom. Speaking of work, getting a job is on my 28 before 28 list (I'm still working on the list, 13 to go! Will. post. soon). 

Somehow this week has managed to fly by, and I'm excited about my best friend Kim coming up on Sunday for the Stormville Flea Market with her boyfriend. I can't afford to buy much, but the place is enormous and so much fun to walk around. It should be a pretty, albeit hot as balls day - but I'm stoked none-the-less.

Anyways, here's a completely non-themed collection of links that have been occupying my tabs all week:

  • *The original picture of cutie fox up there came from this amazing collection of animals face to face.
  • Just because Marilyn Monroe died famous doesn't mean everything she ever said held any of the answers on life or love, assholes.
  • I always need organizational helpful posts, and this one from Amanda stuck with me this week.
  • Rodeo's Tattoologist is my favorite link for tattoo pictures, the images are generally dainty/feminine. For some reason I haven't figured out how to subscribe to their rss, but I check out what's new about bi-weekly.
  • Did you know smudging with sage keeps mosquitoes away?! Now you do :)
  • 10 Ways to Spur Your Creativity - I'm a sucker for this genre of blog post.
  • I've retired from FoodNetwork and Epicurious to Punchfork. It's the only site I check when I'm looking for recipes and should probably be yours, too.

LGlinks worth clicking