So Thankful!

This weekend was absolutely spectacular - and exhausting. I have to work on cleaning up the apartment (when I said I'd do it the other day, I ended up just hanging a bunch of art instead), and before a big post about the Kingston, Woodstock & Saugerties adventure - I'll bide time with this little peek into my birthday haul :)

Found at Half Moon Books

Smart boyfriends buy etsy favorites: Roots and Feathers
Kerouac from Inquiring Mind Coffee House & Bookstore
Spontaneous Reality earring // the most perfect birthday card for me, ever (from Kerry & Bob)
Not sure yet! Still waiting for E to get home from work so I can open them! Eep!

These gifts are only the icing on othe proverbial carrot cake that was a fantastic weekend. I can't wait to share all the fun we had with you! What'd you do this past weekend?

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