Ho! Hey!

This is like... David Gray mixed with Mumford and Sons good. I don't know where I've been living, or if it's understandable that I'd yet to hear of The Lumineers until last night, but I do know that I love this song (and the video too, it's fantastic). Oh, and did I mention that the song's got a chant? Well it does, and those are pretty much my favorite.

The Lumineers - Ho Hey

I've been dragging ass since the weekend and my sleep schedule's been completely out of whack. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share from the concert and camping soon -- but that's only after I finish Vic + Dan's just-because-we-love-each-other-not-engagement pictures from about a month ago, and the pictures I took of Ej's aunt's pups two Sundays back.

I thought I would have finished them last night during my all-nighter at the computer, but I was just obsessively redesigning the blog as usual. Does anyone else have this problem? Or it is only me? Most of the time, I forgo posting because I'm drilling away at the layout. I mean, I realize I have a serious love of graphic design (finally a passion I might be able to get behind for the sake of a career), but enough is enough already. I need to calm down with that for a while, or I'll never edit another picture.

I was super surprised last night by way of a completely out of the blue phone call from my old friend Sarah. She's a Marine & lives just outside of DC. We were attached at the hip for most of high school (well, as much as two girls going to different high schools but living around a mile away from each other can be), but we've had pretty limited contact for the past 9 years or so. She gave a ring last night and we were on the phone for 40 minutes (while I probably should have been cooking)! It was so great to catch up, and the idea that she just thought to herself, "I haven't talked to Lauren in a while," and actually made the effort to pick up the phone to call - just fantastic.

wild youths heading out to the bar for halloween senior year of hs. with sarah's mom!
After our call, she posted the Lumineers song on my wall. Perfect introduction to them, right? Just one of the many reasons I've always loved her.