Dave Matthews This Weekend!

Weeeee! We're leaving this afternoon for Saratoga, camping out with friends and going to a Dave Matthews concert on Saturday night. I'm beyond thrilled. I haven't seen a DMB show in ages, and camping is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I'm also very excited about the drive up, too (3 hours)... but shhh... everyone else is just looking forward to getting drunk... my journeylust always makes me an oddball :)
have you ever seen more excited faces?
Just a little more packing to do before I pick up one of our best friends in Brooklyn (so out of the way). Clothes are mostly taken care of - it's the camera/paraphernalia bag I'm most worried about. I'm packing my dslr (with 18-55mm, leaving fancy stuff home), brinno time-lapse, gorillapod, tripod, batteries, chargers, etc. 

I'm specifically excited for second try with time-lapse roadtrip video creation .
(as the first one was wonky & had too much delay between the pictures).


*Also, I must mention, because how could I not...? 
I was hit on by a 15 year old on Tuesday night while I was standing outside the bar smoking a cigarette during darts. It was hysterical, and went a little something like this.

Kid: [who'd walked past me 10 seconds earlier than came back] Do you go to New Rochelle High School?
Me: Me? I'm out of college.
Kid: [shocked] Out of college?!
Me: Yea, I'm 27.
Kid: 27. Hm. That's impressive. So are you waiting for someone?
Me: No, I play darts in the bar.
Kid: [intrigued] Oh you play darts?
Me: Yea..
Kid: Well, are you here with someone?
Me: Yea, my boyfriend.
Kid: ...Oh... Ok. :(

I nearly peed my pants. I mean, it's one thing to still get carded for cigarettes, but hit on!? I swear this little munchkin couldn't have been more than 15. Seriously. He looked like he could have auditioned for Everybody Hates Chris, when it first came out. Too cute. Anyway, it made my night.

And might have been one of the better pickup lines I'd ever received. What's your favorite pickup line?