28 BEFORE 28

Ok people, here it is -- my list of 28 things to do before my 28th birthday.

To be honest, the past year feels like barely anything happened, but I should probably give myself a little more credit... I moved in with E, decorated the apartment, adopted a
beautiful cat, solo roadtripped to Nashville, and started this blog, among a few more easily forgettable things. Now it's just time to get back on my game, get working, and make sure I schedule time for all of these:

1. Start hooping

2. Buy a tambourine & rock it
3. Walk across the Hudson
4. Go pond skimming in costume
5. Pull the sewing machine out & use it
6. Create a wall hanging
7. Save $4000 towards a vintage Argosy >>> this goal has changed, I'd rather build a tiny house.
8. Get a job (very important for saving $$$)
9. Add an unnatural color to my hair
10. Get a new tattoo, or 2
11. Blog for each of Amanda's 101 List
12. Hike a summit
13. Get to a yoga class
14. Touch my toes, it's been years
15. Go topless at a beach
16. Bike a cumulative 100 miles
17. Take pictures of mom & dad
18. Design new business cards
19. Make a photo-an-hour post, monthly 
20. Ski at least 10 times 
21. Take newborn photos
22. Read 10 autobiography/memoirs
23. Meet a blog friend in real life
24. Revamp the shop
25. Visit the Grand Canyon
26. Unplug for a week
27. Go to a music festival
28. Climb a tree

Bonus: Photograph all these goals and blog about them, obviously.

Can't wait to see what kind of excitement's in store!
Do you have a goal list before your next birthday, or for the year?
Or have any of the same things on your own list?

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