Old School MySpace Quiz: 3

circa march '07
Originally posted at 2:30pm, March 15, 2007 

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2006 answers have been struckthrough.

Unless they haven't changed.

1. A is for age:
[26, only a few months from 27, eek!]

2. B is for beer of choice:
coors light
[this is still true, although i try to drink as little beer as possible for the sake of my waist]

3. C is for career right now?
i don't have a career. i have a job. and i coach afterschool sports programs at grammar schools.
[i don't have a job for that matter right now either. i got laid off in december '11 and have been just hanging out on unemployment since. i'm just not sure what it is i'm supposed to be doing with my life. and not sure if i'm supposed to be doing it here or elsewhere. had an interview yesterday though, so fingers crossed on that.]

4. D is for your dog's name:
tara oona mcgiver (rip 1987)
patch (rip 2006)
[no new dog to report on. tara was an irish setter, and patch a border collie/spring spaniel. i'm pretty dead set on a golden retriever for the next one (they smile!), but if not i'll probably go the border route. i guess it all depends on what the shelter's got. however, that'll have to wait until i've got some more space for a pup.]

5. E is for essential item you use everyday
cell phone
[a lighter. while i still use my cell phone essentially every day, i could do without to be honest. i'm not sure if it's the LG ally i've been rocking for almost 2 years that i can barely stand, or what, but ugh, cell phones bother me. especially because most people don't have the etiquette to ignore them in social situations.]

6. F is for favorite TV show at the moment:
grey's anatomy
[haha, really? i don't ever remember being super into grey's... i guess i was struck by the mcdreamy train. anyway, now my favorite show has got to be zooey deschanel's New Girl. it's so cute and hysterical.]

7. G is for favorite game:
FMK (aka: fuck, marry, kill)
[scrabble/words with friends]

8. H is for Hometown:
white plains
[yes, i'm still from there]

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9. I is for instruments you play
i pretend i know how to play guitar, because i have one
[i still have the guitar (purchased in the spring of '03 when my first real boyfriend promised he'd teach me how to play) and still have very little mastery of the skill. i don't play anything, unfortunately. except i do sing, but not like an idol or anything]

10. J is for favorite juice:
orange (with pulp!)
[still true, but i dont' drink a ton of juice]

11. K is for whose butt you'd like to kick:
"the list is long but distinguished"
[haha, top gun quote (near the top of the favorite movie list). i don't really want to kick anyone's butt. i'm not much for fighting, nor do i have too many people who irritate me that intensely. i imagine that mostly has to do with barely leaving the apartment the past few months...]

12. L is for last place you ate:
my bedroom
[in the living room, as always. we hardly ever use the kitchen table.]

13. M is for marriage:
that's not a question.. are you asking if i'm married? if i want to get married? when?
[it's still not a question]

14. N is for what's new in your life:
some things :)
[other than yesterday's job interview, and this blog, well not a whole hell of a lot.]

15. O is for overnight hospital stays:
after i had my acl surgery
[still true, thankfully nothing since then (that was february '02)]

16. P is for people you were with today:
so far just stacey before she left for work
[so far just Ej before he left for work]

17. Q is for quote:
"trying" is just failing with honor
[that one's still good, but i like this one a lot too: "soft is harder than the hardest hard. sweetness is stronger always. these are difficult realizations for any human being. but what it is to be strong and female means to be brazenly feminine, not merely to imitate or be counterpart to the masculine. no one is excluded from embracing these qualities. we demand that love struggle against the will for power. giving isn't sacrificing. one should be in a state of vulnerability at all times and that state should be evident." - belles of the black diamond field]

18. R is for Biggest Regret:
i don't have any. i've learned from everything i've ever done.
[still true]

19. S is for status:
marital? i'm single.
[how presumptuous of me to assume this question was strictly related to relationships. my true status of late is antsy and unemployed.]

20. T is for time you got up today:
10:45 to call into work, then 1:00.
[first at 7:30, then a little awake between 8 and 9:15, but once Ej left I fell back asleep 'til 10:57am]

21. U is for underwear you have on now:
[they're red, they've got lace trim, and they're embroidered "i love you"]

22. V is for vegetable you love:
[still true]

23. W is for worst habit?
smoking. biting my cuticles/nails.
[these are still true, however, i've gotten far better at personally taking care of my nails. i paint them all sorts of fun colors with tricky designs like Kaylah]

24. X is for x-rays you've had:
collarbone, foot (x2), elbow, teeth (obviously)
[that might be it, i can't think of anything else]

25. Y is for yummy food you ate today:
nothing yet. heading to white plains after work to find something.
[the only thing i've had so far today is a smoothie of frozen banana, berries, and almond milk. i've been really bad at remembering to eat in the middle of the day lately]

26. Z is for your zodiac sign?
cancer. i'm a nurturer.
[still true]