Breezy Point + One Of My Best Dudes

In about an hour I'm heading out on another possibly traffic filled quest to Queens. This time I'm heading back out to Breezy with my ex-boyfriend, Chris. We've been great friends for the last 6 years (only dated for 6 months, 4 years ago), and I'd visited just over a month ago on one of those spectacular mid-April-feels-like-July-days we were having. If for no other reason (though there are many), keeping him around has a beach benefit I'm not sure I'd give up without a fight.
Chris and I at a party in Pete's backyard, July 2010. Pictures from this night are some of my most prized.

Anywho, Breezy Point is this this crazy little penninsula between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It's still the city though, and from the bay side you can see the Empire State Building. Because it's a private community, it's always quiet. It feels like you're on your own beach. I just love it.

Chris got these while I pulled myself up into my smocked maxi dress in an attempt to light.. a cigarette?

I even took the few seconds to capture a little bit of the ocean for a cute little time lapse, behind which Eddie Vedder hums Guaranteed from the Into the Wild Soundtrack, naturally.

Yikes, I'm getting off to a late start because of this post! Time to B my T's (brush my teeth, for those who don't abreviate everything down to the first letter like Ej and I) and get changed! Hopefully the sun warms the day a little, I'm not looking forward to a cold breeze!