20 Tattoos I Dig

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm still dragging ass from a late night in the city last night watching the Mayweather fight and drinking beers with the boys. Scanning my tumblr, I decided to share some of my favorite tattoo porn. Hopefully this format will stick for future "Things I Dig" posts... 
(However, I must start using my mouse, design via trackpad sucks.)

2. [no source]
3. [no source]
4. Cory Norris
5. via Wake Up, Lovely

14. [no source]

It's fairly obvious that blackwork is my preference. I don't have any colored tattoos yet, and don't plan on any in the future (though, who knows how I'll feel about this later). My tattoo artist Gene-O has a version of me as #4 ready to go the next time I trek north for ink. Beyond that I have at least 3 solid ideas for future tattoos. It's been a while (2 years) since my last, and I'm getting antsy. Anyone else get the tattoo itch?!

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