Boho Bracelet Mail Call

I have a really hard time with checking the mail often enough. When I looked on Monday and had a USPS "Sorry We Missed You!" registered parcel notice from a week earlier, I wasn't particularly shocked. However, I had no idea what it could possibly be. Sometimes late night online shopping gets the better of me..

The sun finally came out this afternoon, so I walked over to the post office to find:
International mail! Isn't it the coolest? I honestly don't know that I've gotten any before.  If it wasn't for the customs declaration, I wouldn't have had a clue what was inside, but then remembered finding some adorable, very inexpensive bohemian style bracelets at Goldbell while perusing Etsy a few weeks ago.

Check out the goods.
The green multi-colored one is actually an anklet ($5), and the next two with the jagged clear and turquoise stones only cost me $6 each. Because I bought the first 3, the turquoise with bell beads was free!
(The leather's a constant on my wrist, and was not purchased from Thailand.)

They haven't relisted the bracelets above yet, but you should definitely check out the shop to see if there's anything you'd dig. There are a ton of bracelets perfect for stacking, and the buy 3 get 1 deal sure makes them worth it!

I hope the sun's shining wherever you are today!
It's time for a little kitchen action.
Dishes and dinner await!