Old School Myspace Quiz: 2

me, September '06
Originally posted at 1:19pm, September 3, 2006 

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2006 answers have been struckthrough.

Unless they haven't changed.

1// Relationship Status?
[still true, but not by the same guy. living with ej.]

2// Parents still together?
[still true, April 1st of this year was the 40th anniversary of their first date, 35th wedding anniversary is at the end of May]

3// Siblings?
1 little sister
[yup. her name's Kerri, she's 24, we're not very close]

4// Pets?
none righit now
[i've got an 8 month old seal lynx point mitted siamese kitten named Trey]


5// Color
[deep teal blue. i'm always drawn to clothes in that color. i've got some tank tops, a sweater, a purse and this dress i just bought last week. gap calls the color prussian blue, so i suppose anything in the deep teal to prussian blue category is my jam]

6// Number
7 and 13
[still the same, i'm not sure favorite numbers change too often, anyone?]

7// Animal
[i'm partial to woodland creatures, and always have been. if they live in the forest, mountains, or snow, i probably love them. i believe i have bear & wolf totem animals, and sometimes a little deer sneaks in for guidance, too]

8// Book
a salty piece of land
["But has it become my own madness not to have outgrown those years when the door first swung open on a world I never managed to explore as completely as I longed to?" - Minor Characters: A Beat Memoir by Joyce Johnson. It's wonderful, especially for a beat geek like myself.]

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9// Flower
gerber daisies

10// Band
could never name one
[still true, but lately I've been high gear into classic rock. specifically led zeppelin]


11// Twirl your hair?
[according to my dad, i do this incessantly]

12// Have tattoos?
[yes, I have a few but i never know what to consider "one tattoo" as mine have evolved over numerous trips to the shop. so here's what i got: tiny star, "while you around here play," hawk feather, celtic trinity knots intertwined with a heart, 9 snowflakes, compass, "there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going." i also have at least 3 in the pipeline including: gypsy me, coordinates of the house i grew up in, and a tree of some sort.]

13// Like roller coasters? 
[still true, the old wooden dragon coaster at Playland is one of my favorites anywhere, and probably the first coaster i was ever on. as a matter of fact, Mariah Carey shot her "Fantasy" music video on the coaster and all around the park!]

14// Wish you could live somewhere else?
[still yearning for new surroundings. though i'm not exactly sure where i'll go. the rockies forever call my name after my abrupt departure a few winters ago, i'm also very interested in the pacific northwest, though i have yet to visit. the long and short of it is that i want out of Westchester County, and closer to nature. so bad.]

15// Like cleaning?
only when i'm nervous
[i don't like cleaning very much at all, unless i'm on a crazy organizational tear. the past 8 months are the first that i've lived out on my own since college, and i've been finding it so difficult to maintain the orderliness of our tiny apartment every week. i give my mom insane props nearly every time i visit her these days. i have no idea how she's managed all these years]

16// Write in cursive or print?
[i have about 6 different handwriting styles]

17// Know how to drive?
veryyy well
[i am still very good at driving, and since the original publication of this quiz have been on two pretty intense solo road trips. i drove to breckenridge, co (32 hours in 4 days) from ny and back (35 hours in 3 days) in winter '09-'10. recently, in january i drove to nashville, tn (15 hours in 1 day) and back (14 hours in 1 day). behind the wheel is one of my favorite places to be.]

18// Ever get off the internet? 
as rarely as possible
[less frequently than i would like. while i enjoy everything being on the computer brings me - like you guys - i hate being plugged in all the time. it's a double edged sword, really. but it's possible my desire for disconnection is part of the reason i love driving so much.


19// Where do you want to live?
NY or Annapolis
[in the woods]

20// How many kids do you want?
[i think this is still true. i'm particularly fascinated by birth order, and therefore, i'm not so certain about having only one kid. however, it'd be so much easier than multiple children, i'm sure. i'm also interested in homeschooling my future children, so that's also something to keep in mind with deciding how many to have. regardless, i'm not looking for a baby any time in the next 7 or so years. time will tell]

21// What kind of job do you want?
no idea
[Ugh. I'm so annoyed that this is still true. I'm in my 5th month of unemployment and just can't figure out what it is i'm supposed to go back to work for. So much of the 9-5 feels like a slow death to me. Ideally I'd make my living taking pictures, but that's not always the most financially sound.]

22// Do you want to get married?
between 26 and 35
[sure, I'd like to get married someday]


23// Do you have any nervous habits?
biting/picking at my cuticles
[it's never stopped. i used to keep my nails "done" with acrylic tips or gel manicures simply to dull the tips of my nails so they wouldn't be capable of picking. but i gave up keeping my nails done after i left my last bartending job. $80 a month on nails is a little ridiculous when you're not making the big bucks]

24// Are you double jointed?
[more true, i'm less jointed than ever]

25// Can you raise one eyebrow
[along with big butts, the ability is a very strong trait from my maternal nana. along with being hysterical, it says so much without a word]

26// Can you cross your eyes?
[i can also cross just one eye at a time, and do that freaky thing where you shake your eyeballs]

27// Do you make your bed daily?
[still true, i'd be more inclined if neither side of the bed was against the wall - but alas, it's a pain in the ass to pull it out and make it every day]