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Alex Cornell covering Adele's "Someone Like You" -- [LYRICS]

I gotta start out by saying that I'm a HUGE Adele fan. Really, you can't even get me started on her, because I'll rave for hours. Sometimes I don't even have words, just satisfied grunts -- she's too good. The soul! How does she write all those lyrics?! Love Adele.

I also watch enough sing competition tv to know that covering Adele isn't generally a great idea. She's too current, too good. However, I really like the way Alex Cornell makes it his own and puts a little testosterone into the song. He'll never be diva, but I'm a sucker for an acoustic cover. 

Alex's cover came into my sphere of awareness via the following 8tracks playlist. I previously posted an amazing Sweet Disposition cover which is also included in the mix. I've been listening non-stop:

What have you been listening to latey? What must I hear?

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