Wind Maps for a Meteorology Nerd

Oooh. This is just too good. I wish these pictures could do it justice.
But because they can't and you just have to see it to understand,
without further ado,'s Wind Map.

You'd think I was an air sign the way it calms me. I'm not, I'm a Cancer, but it's still like a meditation. Also, I'm a huge Weather Channel nerd. It's true. In the morning, if I turn on the tv at all, it's generally for weather; if I'm too distracted to turn it off,  it will stay on TWC until Ej gets home from work. Yea, TWC. It's like that. I should be a meteorologist when I grow up.

Last year, we spent an afternoon at Liberty State Park, and randomly saw Storm Chasers' TIV 2 parked outside the Liberty Science Center on the way home. So exciting! The douchey guy who built it was there too, answering questions from kids and whatnot. Ej and I didn't bother with him, but we took a ton of pictures of his ride before an "oh my gosh can you even believe it" giddy skip back to the car.
How cool is the TIV? I'd totally ride out a tornado inside. I'd be scared shitless, but I'd love it :)

PS. Oh, on the subject of scared and shit - We put a leash on the cat today and brought him outside for the first time, pretty much ever. He was nervous and overwhelmed (though I don't speak cat). It literally scared the shit out of him though, because he pooped on the floor the minute I brought him in and put him down in the hallway. Will have to reevaluate how outside is presented from here on out.