My Friends' Place: Stacey + Ralph

I have this silly disposition for taking pictures around my friends' apartments. Generally, I only capture the details (possibly because I'm still waiting on the funds for a sweet wide angle lens), and they tell the best story. Here's a little of what I took away from Stacey's place in February.
I'm heading out her way tonight, too, and I'm thrilled.
Stace loves her bamboo. All plants really, she usually gets hers from ikea. The leather looking book is acutally her kindle case!

I love these frames she and Ralph filled with instagram pics (ikea, I think). And look at all the Angry Birds!
This is Peanut. He's sweet, a shoulder kneader and drooler :) I brought him to Stacey when he was just a wee scaredy kitten.
More bamboo, with pretty rocks. She's grows them in a bunch of different "planters"
I adore these poster frames from insound, and need to order one for the poster I got at Hatch Show Print while visiting Nashville.
An incense addict like me, Stacey's orders everything online. She prompted my huge incense haul from Dancing Dryad.

Cutie cactus and bourbon bottle bamboo!
Exposed brick! Couldn't you just die? with a close up shot of the tenants :)

I'm seriously looking forward to hanging out with her tonight, even though it means there will be traffic in my future. Sometimes there's nothing better than a little girl time with the person who knows you best. I'll get some snuggles from Peanut and maybe eat some BZ Grill. As long as Yankee traffic doesn't thwart my Astoria bound progress, it'll be grand.