I've Seen All Good People Turn Their Heads Each Day

Just a quick post before I finish up dinner and head out to an Eric Hutchinson show.

Feeling very classic rock today (nothing new there). It's Q104's Two'fer Tuesday, so I got two Zep, two Janis, Floyd, some Elton, Jefferson Airplane, and a ton more on my way to Jessie's in Brooklyn. We had a chilled out afternoon in her amazingly huge old apartment (it used to be her grandparents'). There was Saved By The Bell, photography, and sushi. Red clam. Oh my god.

I came home and found this amazing playlist on 8tracks.
Seriously, it's fantastic, you should listen:

this one made me smile particularly hard first. it just got better from there.

Yes - I've Seen All Good People [lyrics]
>>>>   Don't surround yourself with yourself,   <<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>    Move on back two squares,    <<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>    Send an instant comment to me,    <<<<<<<<<
>>>    Initial it with loving care    <<< 
>>>>>>>    Don't surround    <<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    Yourself.   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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