Brooklyn Traffic Photography

To be completely honest,
I don't really care for New York City.
I'm jaded. I'm from here.

Ok, so I'm not from NYC proper. I've lived within a thirty minute commute of midtown my entire life. The ways in which the city has enriched my life are limited. Sure, it's wonderful for catching a Broadway show or a concert - but beyond that all I see is concrete, crowds, traffic, and dollar signs. 
Blasphemous, I know.

I drove to Brooklyn yesterday to hang with my girlfriend Jessie while recovers from lasik eye surgery. On the way (30 miles takes 75 minutes!) I attempted to make traffic worthwhile. At every slow down or stop I looked off of the road and tried to make pretty of it, while managing to keep the actual traffic out of most shots.

Here's some of what I gathered heading to & from Sheepshead Bay (99% on the BQE):

I get that I'm considered a freak for my complete disregard for "The Greatest City in the World." Such is life.
Give me the mountains, give me the forest, hell, I'd even take the prarie (a 'la Ree) before I'd live in the city.

Am I the only one distasteful of something most people put on a pedestal?
What could you care less about?