Kate's Lazy Meadow + Vintage Airstreams

[Note: Kate's Airstreams are no longer in the Lazy Meadow, in upstate NY - but are now in the desert in Landers, CA]

I want a Airstream. I need an Airstream. I will have an Airstream (as soon as I have somewhere to store one).
Me at Kate's Lazy Meadow. Filthy feet, a hammock, and a camper -- there's NOTHING better.
I can't wait to get camping this year. Like, can't wait at all, not even a little bit! We're camping in June for a Dave Matthews show with the dudes (yay! hoping to hoop there, too!) -- but I need to get out, away from the crowds, twice before that, and 10 times afterwards, before snow fallsBeing completely unplugged with nothing to do but stare at the fire and stars sets my mind at peace.

Kate's Lazy Meadow is by far the most amazing place to stay if you don't yet have an Airstream of your own. I stayed a few years ago and have been raving about the place ever since.

I mean, just look at these pictures (more info after the camper porn):

The Lazy Meadow is located a little over 2 hours north of New York City in the Catskill region, and is owned by Kate Pierson of the B-52s (love shack, baby). Weekends, you're required a 2-night reservation, but if you can manage a mid-week getaway, you can book one night (I stayed over Memorial Day Monday into Tuesday). It's a little pricey, but well worth the cost for the utter relaxation I found on the grounds. Whoever arranged the campers did an good job of making each one seem completely secluded from the rest, even though they're in an open field (not like, nude-lounge-on-your-hammock private, but your space is your own). If you stay in a camper, your accommodations include a picnic table, hammock, charcoal grill, front deck with twinkle lights, and a couple lounge chairs. 

It's. So. Sweet.

There's also a bunch of awesome stuff to see in the area. If you're starting anywhere south of the Lazy Meadow, you should visit the Woodstock Museum (at Bethel Woods) first. It's southwest of where you're headed but super cool and a beautiful drive to and from (see right).

Here's my suggestion for a weekend getaway:

1. Lunch at The Wet Noodle in Monticello before arriving at the Museum at Bethel Woods. They make yummy homemade pasta to your exact specifications, and there's an ice cream shop next door for dessert! [map]

2. Head (15 minutes) to the museum, which is located on the actual grounds of the original Woodstock '69 and spend a couple hours communing with your inner hippie. I've been there, twice, and would go back again in a heartbeat. [map]

3. Begin the (hour and a half) ride northeast (very pretty Catskills drive on NY Route 55 and Peekamoose Rd) to Kate's Lazy Meadow. Keep your eyes peeled, there are hiking trails and some waterfalls along the way. Pull over, stretch your legs, take some pictures. [map]

4. If heading back south again, do yourself a favor and change up the route! I'd swing down to Rock da Pasta in New Paltz for lunch (pretty much my favorite restaurant) and spend the afternoon walking around town. They've got great antiquing and gift shops. [map]

5. Head home!

Hmph, now all I want to do is exactly that. That's what free weekends after Easter are for! :)